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At Ringardas Nigeria, we believe that the safety of lives of our employees is of paramount importance than the corporate interest of the organization.

In line with RNL’s policy on constant skills development a 2 weeks training and retraining session was organized for all Bulk Truck Operators (BTO’s), to improve performance and raise awareness on potential hazards on Nigerian roads.

The objective of the training is to develop and sharpen BTO’s on preventive maintenance and comply with the company’s zero-tolerance to accidents.

Our Bulk Truck Operators were taken through the Nigerian road environments, scanning road infrastructures, unpredictable road hazards and major causes of accidents and preventive measures.

The training emphasized the need to build purpose driven BTO’s and enlightened them on defensive driving techniques in compliance with Ringardas journey management system to boost productivity, safety, and competitiveness of the business.

Rubis Asphalt Middle East is pleased to announce the construction of its newbuild project 15 000 DWT bitumen tankers, named Bitu River.

The vessel will be designed by FKAB Marine Design, built by China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou) Dingheng Co. Ltd and classified by RINA.

The ship building contract has been signed in July 2020 and delivery is scheduled by mid-2022.

The bitumen tanker will be able to transport 15000 mt of bitumen. It is a specially designed tanker dedicated to the shallow waters of the Gulf of Guinea, and especially the rivers of Nigeria.

It will be equipped with diesel electric propulsion, driving 2×360° azimuth thrusters for better maneuverability.

The vessel will have integral insulated cargo tanks as bitumen needs to be maintained at a temperature of 140-150°C.

This newbuild will complete our fleet of bitumen tankers and contribute to consolidate our leadership position as bitumen supplier in Africa.

The French Ambassador to Togo, H.E Mr. Marc Vizy visited Eres-Togo on Tuesday, June 02, 2020. It is a company that is working to make Lomé a sub-regional hub for bitumen supply.
Eres-Togo, a subsidiary of the French group Rubis, employs around fifty Togolese employees at its Lomé terminal.

Located at the port, this terminal includes six (06) bitumen storage tanks of 6000 tonnes each. These tanks are supplied by a 1.3 km pipeline which draws the bitumen inside ships specially adapted for the hot transport of bitumen produced in Europe.

On May 28, a Rubis group vessel, the Bitu Express, carrying 45,000 tonnes of bitumen called in Lomé to reload the tanks of Eres-Togo. On this occasion, the Ambassador visited the facilities with the company of the General Manager of Eres-Togo, Mr.Jorge Rico. Accompanied by the economic advisor Mr.Pascal FOURCAUD, the marine advisor Commander Mr.Patrick NOUETTE, he was able to come on board of the ship and he noted that the company remained mobilized to serve its customers in the sub-region, in particular Benin and Niger, while applying very strict prevention measures against the pandemic ” .

H.E Mr. Marc Vizy was pleased to see a French company working, despite the crisis, to consolidate Lomé’s place as a regional hub for industrial services in accordance with the objectives of the National Development Plan.