Rubis - The Group

Rubis, a company founded in 1990 and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, is an independent French oil operator specializing in three business areas:

The distribution of petroleum products (network of service stations, commercial fuel oil, aviation fuel, LPG, bitumen, etc.), with operations in Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa through its subsidiary Rubis Énergie – ;

The storage through its subsidiary Rubis Terminal, providing storage capacities for liquid products for its customers in the petroleum, chemical and agri-food sectors. Rubis Terminal is a market leader in France and also holds operations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey ;

The support and services, alongside our downstream petroleum products distribution activity, with a midstream position, grouping together refining, trading-supply and shipping operations.

Why choose Rubis asphalt

With an experience of more than twenty years distributing bitumen in Africa, RUBIS ASPHALT MIDDLE EAST and its sister companies guarantee far-reaching expertise and diligence to its customers, with a fully controlled supply chain from the refinery to the client sites, asphalt mixing plants or binder plants.

International bitumen sourcing

Rubis Asphalt supply high-end bitumen from reputable refineries worldwide. Our supply chain procedures and our bitumen carriers fleet allow Rubis Asphalt to source for the best bitumen anywhere in the world. Our bitumen products comply to international standards such as EN, ASTM, and AASHTO.

Emulsions, cutbacks, and special binders are produced in-house in our storage terminals with the utmost care and using high-end technologies in order to reach international standards and ensure a consistent high-quality product complying with the requirements of our clients.

Own bitumen carrier fleet

With an integrated value chain, Rubis Asphalt handles the entire logistic and storage process. Rubis Asphalt operates its own vessel tankers, its own terminals for bitumen storage and its own patent-made bitu-containers plus double insulated road tankers for distribution.

We are not just your regular bitumen vendor but a trustworthy partner with strong ethical practices. We ensure that high quality bitumen is delivered on time, in good conditions and according to specifications.

Terminals with permanent stock

Thanks to our integrated supply chain, we ship bitumen products directly from refineries worldwide to our multiple depots in Africa by operating our own bitumen carriers.

Considering the size of our fleet, depots are regularly refilled with new products, and penetration grade bitumen stock is always available. Proximity of our terminals and our in-house logistic services guarantee quick and smooth deliveries, with no interruptions.

Flexible logistic for deliveries to customer sites

A presence of over twenty years on the African continent allows us to understand the often-challenging conditions in which our customers operate. Our extensive experience of the road enables us to come up with creative solutions to meet any special requirement.

Our organization based upon permanently available bulk stock in our terminals combined with our fleet of bitutainers and bitumen tank trailers constitute the most suitable logistical solution to approach African markets and transport bitumen to end users.

Rubis Asphalt counts as the market leader in door-to-door delivery of bitumen in Western Africa.

Quality control

By continuously focusing on quality and constant availability of an optimum product portfolio, Rubis Asphalt has won the confidence of the industry. We adhere to very strict regulations concerning quality by implementing rigorous standard operating procedures and proven quality control principles. Quality and client needs constitute the engine driving our operations.

The quality of our products is monitored all along the supply chain. Samples are tested at the premises of the refinery, during the shipment in carrier vessels, and upon receipt at our terminals. The product inspection is undertaken by both European independent accredited laboratories and our state-of-the-art in-house laboratories.

These testing procedures ensure product traceability and compliance with international and local standards, plus the strength and resistance to perform in every situation. Clients requirements and satisfaction are always fulfilled.


Established in Dubai, RUBIS ASPHALT MIDDLE EAST focuses on our bitumen supply, trading and distribution activity. A specialized team monitors all processes and orders originating from our West African subsidiaries, thus guaranteeing a far-reaching expertise and diligence. Our international trading department supplies bitumen cargoes ranging between 5 000 MT and 40 000 MT to an international client base.


RINGARDAS Nigeria Ltd, commonly known as ASCA, is our subsidiary in Nigeria. With import terminals in Sapele (storage capacity: 28 000 MT), Port Harcourt (storage capacity: 9 000 MT), and a land depot and plant in Gwagwalada (next to the capital city Abuja), ASCA supplies a full range of bituminous products to the Nigerian market. The two terminals and the depots are equipped with emulsion and polymer modified bitumen plants, all three combined supply more than
200 000 MT of bitumen and bituminous products annually.

ERES Senegal

Built in 1992 with a storage capacity of 6 000 MT, operating a large fleet of road tankers and bitu-containers, and equipped with an emulsion and cut-back plant, the ERES terminal in Senegal supplies annually 50 000 MT to 70 000 MT of bitumen. Due to its prime location on the West African coast, ERES Senegal delivers bitumen to road construction companies located in a significant number of neighboring countries including Mali, Mauritania, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Sierra Leone.


Equipped with a storage capacity of 36 000 MT, ERES Togo operates West Africa’s largest bitumen terminal. This state of the art facility serves two different objectives : supplying bitumen per road transport to Togo, Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin, Ghana, Mali, and transferring bitumen per vessel transport to its sister companies ERES Senegal, RINGARDAS Nigeria, and ERES Cameroon. ERES Togo manages an in-house fleet of 27 road tankers and 571 bitu-containers. Its facilities include an emulsion and a cut-back plant, enabling to tailor its production according to the special requests of clients. >100,000 MT of bitumen are supplied annually from the Eres Togo terminal.

ERES Cameroon

Well established in West Africa, Rubis Asphalt has decided to develop an identical customer offer for the Central African road contractors. Incorporated in 2019, ERES Cameroon, unlike our other subsidiaries, is strictly a bitu-container terminal directly fed by our tanker vessels. It provides ready for use product and transportation to customers sites. The depot located in Douala managed a fleet of 400 bitu-containers and supplies 6 000 MT of bitumen annually. ERES Cameroon’s area of coverage includes: Chad, Central Africa Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Congo


New born entity of Rubis Asphalt, established in 2021, ERES Gabon operates under an identical storage and distribution model as Eres Cameroon. Over 225 bitu-containers stored at Owendo Port in Libreville are supplied by our tanker vessels, and dispatched per truck to our customers sites. The depot located in Libreville has a storage capacity of 4 000 MT of bitumen. The opening of Eres Gabon reflets our ambition to develop our presence and serve our valuable clients in Central Africa.


To reinforce the position of RUBIS ASPHALT as the number one bitumen supplier in West Africa, RUBIS ASPHALT started operations in Monrovia, Liberia in 2021 as ERES Liberia, Inc. This marked the entrance of the RUBIS brand in the Mano River Union. From its base in the Freeport of Monrovia, ERES Liberia distributes bulk bitumen to road construction companies in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Republic of Guinea.
ERES Liberia currently operates a bitu-container terminal of 230 bitu-containers with a combined storage capacity of around 4 000MT.


In order to continue the expansion of Rubis Asphalt in Africa, Eres Guinea started its activities in 2023. This new location makes it possible to respond to all requests for deliveries of bitumen in the desired quality to road construction companies in Guinea and in the neighbors countries. 

ERES Guinea currently operates a fleet of 150 bitu-containers with a storage capacity of approximately 4000 MT located in the port of Conakry. 


Located in the province of Luanda in Angola, SOIDA is the market reference for the production of bitumen derivatives, mainly emulsions. 

Rubis Asphalt has acquired a 35% stake in the capital of SOIDA, and signed an exclusive bitumen supply agreement, while strengthening the company’s logistics resources. SOIDA now has 120 bitu-containers and a storage capacity of 4000MT. 

This partnership amplifies Rubis Asphalt’s strategy aimed at strengthening its positions on its markets in Africa. 


Rubis Asphalt South Africa (RASA) was started in 2021 and is an affiliate of Rubis Asphalt Middle East (RAME). We import various grades of bitumen into Southern Africa through our operations in Cape Town and Durban. We are able to service our customers ex terminal or via ship to truck operations, while having dedicated Bitutainers that can be used for immediate consumption or use as semi static storage. Through our partnership with FFS Refiners, our current terminal capacity is approx. 4800MT in Cape Town, with a view to expand this in the near future into Durban. Imported bitumen is the future of road construction and maintenance in Southern Africa and we have shown our commitment to the region with our investment in terminals and Bitutainers. Rubis Asphalt South Africa – A Trusted Bitumen Partner.


MARITEC TANKER MANAGEMENT PVT LTD is the ship management branch of Rubis Asphalt. It provides the complete in-house ship support package to all the Rubis’ owned fleet of bitumen / product / chemical & LPG tankers.
MARITEC currently operates ten vessels of which five for Rubis Asphalt : Bitu Atlantic (50,805 MT DW capacity), Bitu Express (49,282 MT DW capacity), Asphalt Teranga (9,230 MT DW capacity), Biskra (12,509 MT DW capacity) and Bitu River ( 14,700 MT DW capacity). Over 500 000 MT of bitumen grades are shipped annually to our African import terminals or our trading partners in the rest of the World.
A new Bitumen vessel named Bitu Ocean (17,999 MT DW capacity) is currently being built in China, with a scheduled delivery in January 2026.