We offer an all-inclusive solution combining product, logistics, technical services and support during the complete journey from the refinery to the worksite. This provides customers with the flexibility they require to do what they are best at : constructing first class and long-life roads.

International Trading Services

Throughout our trading hub in Dubai and thanks to our fleet of specialized bitumen vessels capable of delivering volumes ranging from 10,000 metric tons to 500,000 metric tons. We offer supplies of bitumen to an international client base, connecting high quality refineries to relevant import markets around the globe.


Bitumen originates from crude oil distillation therefore its price is affected by the same factors that drive global oil markets, amongst others regional product availability, storage capacity, shipping costs and exchange rates. In road construction projects, bitumen supply represents on average 30% of the project budget.

 Rubis Asphalt understands the consequence of price volatility on the project profitability and works closely with its clients to develop customized solutions for both spot orders and long-term contracts. Offering sustainable bitumen prices and optimizing the exposure to price movement are two priorities we are focused on to help you meet your commercial needs.

We believe the success of your business is a key component to build a long-term relationship.

Bulk Terminals

Rubis Asphalt owns and operates bitumen terminals in three different countries in Africa, representing a total storage capacity of 70 000 metric tons. Our bulk terminals are the key element of our integrated supply chain : they enable an efficient coordination between our supplies of bitumen per vessel and the delivery per road transportation to the client’s construction site, as well as a safe storage of our products.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and with the support of our front-line technical specialists, bitumen is not only stored in our terminals but can also be blended for the manufacturing of customized specifications required for certain projects.

Emulsion, polymer modified bitumen and cut-back plants are also available in all our terminals. We are committed to provide to our clients a complete and tailored range of products. Throughout our access to refineries all around the world and the presence of our local terminals, we are well positioned to meet our customers supply commitments and help mitigate their risk of regional supply volatility.

Our local presence is a true advantage, we enhance our services by being close to our West African and Central African clients.


Throughout its 20 years existence, Rubis Asphalt has established a strong expertise in the distribution of bituminous products on the continent.

We are able to answer to our customers’ requirements throughout flexible domestic and international transportation solutions, by providing the most suitable option to reduce the transportation costs, and by enhancing communication and information flows in order to achieve synergies in our customer-supplier relationship.

Insulated road tankers

Our subsidiaries ERES Senegal, ERES Togo, RINGARDAS Nigeria, operate an in-house fleet totalizing 160 insulated road tankers. These trucks can carry up to 38 metric tons of bitumen and are typically designed for storage temperatures ranges from 170°C to 190°C.

Working closely with our clients, we are able to efficiently deploy our resources for transporting temperature-controlled bitumen to their construction sites. All our fleet of trucks and road tankers are equipped with GPS navigation and tracking systems which allow to track their shipments and optimize their delivery schedule.


The Rubis Asphalt ISO bitu-container associate a high carrying capacity ranging between 20 metric tons and 27 metric tons, operator safety, heat efficiency and durability. They represent the optimal solution for bituminous product transportation and intermediary storage.

Throughout our distribution subsidiaries in Africa, we own and operate a fleet in excess of 1,000 bitu-containers , thus offering to our clients significant benefits :

–  The specifically designed ERES 20′ bitu-container is robust and safe
–  Multi-functional, can be used both for transport and for storage
–  Easy to handle (crane, forklift) and requiring a limited workforce
–  Re-usable and environmentally friendly
–  Economical heating process with conventional gasoil burners
–  Limited loss of product (bitumen residues)
–  Low theft risk with hot bulk product only when in use on the client’s site


We provide upon demand a variety of asphalt distributor trucks with different asphalt tank volume and spray width, enabling the spraying emulsified bitumen, diluted asphalt, modified bitumen, hot asphalt, heavy-duty asphalt, rubberized asphalt, high viscous modified asphalt and so on.

Bitumen handling

We supply various types of equipment to support the handling of bitumen products:

–  Pumps to transfer the bitumen, the emulsions and all the other liquid elements making up their  composition.

–  Burners for bitumen heating, adapted to the specifications of our designed ISO bitu-containers.

–  Hoses for the discharge of bitu-containers or road tankers, available in a variety of lengths, diameters, and materials.

Binder Plants

At Rubis Asphalt our goal is to offer a complete range of recognized and “on-standard” products.

Thanks to the binders plants located in our West African subsidiaries, Rubis Asphalt has the ability to produce and supply a range of products from traditional offerings – bitumen, bitumen emulsion, cutback bitumen and polymer modified bitumen right through to bespoke client specific solutions. Product quality, consistency and reliability of performance are key deliverables for the Rubis Asphalt binders’ plants operations.

Our high productivity emulsions plants, cut-back plants, and polymer modified bitumen plants offer the following advantages:

–  Client’s scope of work limited to bare minimum.

–  Know how based on years of manufacturing experience.

–  Plant design complies with local standards and safety features.

–  Product quality is monitored throughout our in-house laboratories, as well as by third parties’  laboratories.

Technical support

With four distribution subsidiaries in West and Central Africa and one regional sales office in Dubai, combined with decades of experience in the bitumen industry in Africa, Rubis Asphalt aims to provide outstanding technical support at all stages of your road construction project.

We work collaboratively with our customers to identify, help, and implement optimal solutions in:

–  Product specifications, selecting the right material.

–  Bitumen testing and quality assessment.

–  Storing, packaging, transporting bitumen.

–  Handling and safety principles.

–  Industry regulations