Senegal – Drilling in NDOUR-NDOUR

Senegal – Drilling in NDOUR-NDOUR

Access to water, which is recognized as a basic need, is very difficult in some localities.

In Senegal, the village of Ndour-Ndour located 267 km from the capital was facing a real water supply problem.

Indeed, the inhabitants had to make an obstacle course every day in order to have access to this vital resource, which considerably slowed down the development of this part of the country.

Faced with this problem, the NDIMBEUL association in partnership with ERES Senegal (bitumen subsidiary of the Rubis Energie group) has set itself the objective of improving the living conditions of these inhabitants.

A sustainable solution has been put in place to facilitate access to water. The design of a mini borehole 10 meters deep accompanied by a solar submersible pump connected to a manual fountain. The storage of water is done in a water tower and the distribution by gravity to the fountains.

As seen in this photo, at the inauguration of the well it was celebrations. The population of Ndour-Ndour welcomed this achievement with immense joy and unfailing gratitude to the NDIMBEUL association and ERES Senegal who have since the end of 2020 greatly improved their daily living conditions.