Ringardas Donate a Solar Borehole to Bundu Ama Community in River State

Ringardas Donate a Solar Borehole to Bundu Ama Community in River State

Millions of people around the world do not have access to basic clean water. This means they must rely on sources like wells, rivers, or lakes which are prone to contamination, or walk a far distance to collect clean water.

It is on this note that RNL decided to come up with this project as part of our CSR to the host community where we operate, to provide them with clean water. In line with the group’s effort targeted at reducing zero emissions and promoting clean energy, Ringardas took a step to install a solar borehole system at Bundu Ama community, which was funded by Rubis group.

This system is sustainable and uses renewable energy as it generates electricity from solar panels to drive the borehole pump. Compared to a classic bore-hole system, where the electricity is generated through a generator, the solar variant does not produce harmful pollutants which keeps the air and soil clean.

On the 2nd of August 2023, our Terminal Manager in Port Harcourt, Adegboye Akinkunmi, accompanied by other colleagues represented Ringardas at the official hand-over of the solar borehole to the Bunda Ama community, represented by the Community Chairman, the Community Laison Officer (CLO), and some Community Chiefs. The Community Chairman Mr. Otonye Boma in his speech, thanked the management of Ringardas Nigeria Limited and appreciated them for their kind gesture in supporting their community, and they look forward to other projects in the future.