Gabon: New bitumen development in Africa

Gabon: New bitumen development in Africa

Rubis Asphalt Middle East is pleased to announce the creation of a new bitumen affiliate named Eres Gabon to pursue our expansion in Central Africa.

The company has been incorporated in April 2021 and will import, store and distribute bitumen to all road contractors in Gabon.

Our implantation has been triggered by a major road project called ‘Transgabonaise’, linking Libreville to Franceville with 780km road to be paved.

Our business model will be through ship to containers operations in partnership with Bollore Logistics, and we will be able to offer supply reliability and product quality to all our customers.

We have appointed Ms. Frederique Dumont to run our operations in Gabon as Deputy General Manager.

We have successfully performed our first  ship delivery end of May through a good team work displayed by the bitumen division, as staff from Senegal, Cameroon, Togo, UAE and India were involved in this project.

We wish Eres Gabon and its team great success in this new venture!