Ringardas Recently Acquired 20 Brand New Bitumen Tankers

Ringardas Recently Acquired 20 Brand New Bitumen Tankers

In a bid to sustain and even reinforce our positions in bitumen market in Nigeria, and with the perpetual quest to continue highly satisfying our customer requests in a tough competition market, RNL is soon going to add 20 of modern Bitumen Tankers to its existing fleet of already 100 customized trucks of the same type that deliver regular 60/70 hot bitumen and Polymer Modified Bitumen to construction sites across the whole country.

The increase became necessary because it will enable us to meet up with the high demand in the supply of Bitumen and Bituminous products at the expected quality standards and adequate temperature immediately ready for asphalt production by customers to any part of the country.

Those tankers of 45 MT product capacity each have been produced by FOTON in China on the basis of very detailed specifications imposed by RNL and have now been loaded into the ship which will bring them up to their final destination. Their expected time of dispatch is 5th of September 2021, and the transit time should be around 50 days.

For the time being, the factory has only equipped them with a classical external insulation but as soon as they arrive in Nigeria, a high-density internal insulation will be added as the last step before they can join operations. This last process owned by Ringardas and developed with a raw material which can only be obtained in Europe will be successfully carried out at our workshop in Gwagwalada by our specialized team.

The management of RNL is committed and ready to contribute their own quota to the development of road construction in Nigeria.