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Cutback is bitumen that is dissolved in a solvent, typically kerosene, naphtha or gasoline, allowing to temporarily decrease the viscosity and increase the penetration. Following the application of a cutback, the solvent evaporates and only the bitumen remains. The main applications of cutback bitumen are prime and tack coating, prime sealing, and spray sealing.

Cutbacks are defined by two elements:

1. The curing time, according to three categories: – Rapid-Curing (RC) – Medium-Curing (MC) – Slow-Curing (SC)

2. A number which indicates the minimum kinematic viscosity (fluidity) of the cutback.

RUBIS ASPHALT MIDDLE EAST / ERES cutback bitumen is compliant with ASTM D2026, D2027, D2028, AASHTO M82-75, and AASHTO M92-92 standards. Our depots are equipped with cutback units to allow an in-house production, meeting the specifications of our clients.