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Polymer Modified Bitumen

Polymer modified bitumen is predominantly used in road construction to meet the requirements of challenging environments such as highways or airport tracks. It is obtained by mixing standard bitumen with polymers to improve bitumen characteristics and performances such as rutting resistance, thermal cracking, fatigue damage, stripping, or temperature susceptibility. The type of polymer most commonly used for bitumen modification is a co-polymer of polystyrene and polybutadiene, called SBS. Classified as an elastomer and representing 80% of the polymers used in bitumen, SBS provides viscosity and elasticity. In spite of a higher price compared to standard bitumen, polymer modified bitumen is considered to be more cost effective due to its important benefits:

– Higher durability

– Better resistance to permanent deformation (rutting and shoving)

– Better resistance to crack spreading and stripping

– Excellent fatigue resistance

– Greater water resistance

– Higher rigidity

– Better temperature susceptibility

RUBIS ASPHALT MIDDLE EAST / ERES can produce and supply in-house polymer modified bitumen throughout its bitumen modification plants and use of all types of polymers. Our experience and technological expertise enable us to offer our customers solutions designed for the specific requirements of their individual projects or market needs.