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Penetration grades

Penetration grade bitumen is considered to be standard bitumen. Used as paving grade bitumen, it is an essential material in road construction, production of asphalt pavements and hot mix asphalt. Penetration grade bitumen is usually manufactured in refineries from fractional or vacuum distillation of crude oil and produced to meet a variety of specifications. The classification for penetration grade bitumen is based on penetration tests (EN 1426 and EN 1427) which characterize the bitumen consistency, hardness and stiffness at ambient temperature. The specifications usually define a penetration interval, for example 50/70 grade bitumen means that the penetration at 25 ° C lies between 50 and 70 tenths of a mm. More generally, penetration grade bitumen ranges between 10 and 450. RUBIS ASPHALT MIDDLE EAST / ERES offers a range of penetration grade bitumen from 10 to 70, we also have the expertise to manufacture in-house penetration grade bitumen for special penetration grade requests. Penetration grade bitumen is widely used for the production of emulsions, polymer modified bitumen and cutback.