Bulk Terminals

RUBIS ASPHALT MIDDLE EAST / ERES owns and operates bitumen terminals in three different countries in Africa, representing a total storage capacity of 70 000 metric tons. Our bulk terminals are the key element of our integrated supply chain : they enable an efficient coordination between our supplies of bitumen per vessel and the delivery per road transportation to the client’s construction site, as well as a safe storage of our products. Thanks to our state of the art equipment and with the support of our front-line technical specialists, bitumen is not only stored in our terminals but can also be blended for the manufacturing of customized specifications required for certain projects. Emulsion, polymer modified bitumen and cut-back plants are also available in all our terminals. We are committed to provide to our clients a complete and tailored range of products. Throughout our access to refineries all around the world and the presence of our local terminals, we are well positioned to meet our customers supply commitments and help mitigate their risk of regional supply volatility. Our local presence is a true advantage, we enhance our services by being close to our West African and Central African clients.