The RUBIS ASPHALT MIDDLE EAST / ERES ISO bitu-container associate a high carrying capacity ranging between 20 metric tons and 27 metric tons, operator safety, heat efficiency and durability. They represent the optimal solution for bituminous product transportation and intermediary storage. Throughout our distribution subsidiaries in Africa, we own and operate a fleet in excess of 1,000 bitu-containers , thus offering to our clients significant benefits :

– The specifically designed ERES 20′ bitu-container is robust and safe

– Multi-functional, can be used both for transport and for storage

– Easy to handle (crane, forklift) and requiring a limited workforce

– Re-usable and environmentally friendly

– Economical heating process with conventional gasoil burners

– Limited loss of product (bitumen residues)

– Low theft risk with hot bulk product only when in use on the client’s site